Training Payment Policies

Online Courses: Arkansas Transit Association (ATA) mails out invoices for online courses to member agencies at the beginning of the month following the date the course is requested through the ATA website. Payment is due within 30 days of invoice. For non-member agencies, you will be contacted for payment prior to course enrollment.  After course enrollment, students have two weeks to complete the course. Course access will expire the earlier of two weeks after course enrollment or two days after course completion. For students who fail to complete the course in the two weeks during which their enrollment is active, payment in full is still due.


In-Person Classes: ATA mails out invoices with attendee certificates within two weeks after the class. Payment is due within 30 days of invoice.  For non-member agencies, you will be contacted for payment prior to the class.



Training Payment Policy


Arkansas Transit Association (ATA) invoices agencies for all employees registered for “open” in-person classes.  Exceptions will be made when a representative from the organization calls to cancel the registration BEFORE the in-person class begins.


If you know that an employee will be unable to attend a class for which he or she has been registered, you have two options:


1) Send a substitute employee; or

2) Call our office or send an e-mail before the class begins.


Otherwise, your agency will be invoiced for the cost of that person’s attendance.  We understand that emergencies happen and things can change very quickly.  If you are unable to perform either option, please call as soon as you can so we can discuss the situation.


If you are a current member of the Association, we do not require pre-payment for the attendees before the in-person class begins.  We will continue to invoice your agency following each in-person class.  Certificates and invoices are not given to the attending employees.  They are mailed to the agency’s training contact.


Non-member agencies are asked to pre-pay for in-person classes. If you would like to discuss becoming a member of ATA, please call our office at 501.372.8900 and speak with Rebecca East.

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