Class Price Information

Training TitleEstimated LengthMaterials Fee- memberMaterials Fee- Non-member
ADDT Transportation Training Package4 Hours$30.00 $70.00
ADDT/EIDT (Both) Transportation Training Package6 Hours$45.00 $105.00
Child Passenger Safety2 Hours$15.00 $35.00
CPR2 Hours$22.00 $42.00
Defensive Driving (START)2 Hours$15.00 $35.00
Distracted Driving2 Hours$15.00 $35.00
Drug & Alcohol Awareness for Safety-Sensitive Employees2 Hours$15.00 $35.00
Drug & Alcohol Training for Supervisors2.5 Hours$15.00 $35.00
DTT/NET Contract Transportation Training Package6 Hours$45.00 $105.00
EIDT Transportation Training Package6 Hours$45.00 $105.00
First Aid in the Workplace2 Hours$15.00 ($26.50 w/CPR)$35.00 ($46.50 w/CPR)
FMCSA DER Training2.5 Hours$15.00 $35.00
FTA DER Training2.5 Hours$15.00 $35.00
Infectious Disease Awareness and Prevention2 Hours$15.00 $35.00
Transit Driver Training Package6 Hours$45.00 $105.00
Transport of Older Passengers and Passengers with Disabilities2 Hours$15.00 $35.00
Violence in the Transit Workplace3 Hours$15.00 $35.00
Wheelchair Securement and Lift Operation2 Hours$15.00 $35.00

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