Total Eclipse – April 8th

Total Eclipse – April 8th

Its been over 100 years since we experienced a total solar eclipse.

On April 8, 2024, a path of totality will cross parts of the United States, including Arkansas. The path will enter Arkansas from the southwest, passing through regions such as Hot Springs and Little Rock, before exiting the state to the northeast near Jonesboro. This eclipse is expected to be a significant event, drawing observers to various locations across Arkansas to witness the moon completely obscuring the sun for a brief period.

ARDOT has prepared an informative Traffic Management Plan to discuss the traffic impact. It notes that many public schools will be closed that day.


For more information, the Eclipse Guide from the North Little Rock Website is a captivating resource, packed with essential advice for preparing for the upcoming event. It provides valuable insights into the importance of early shopping for necessities like food, gas, and medicines, along with strategies for avoiding traffic congestion and navigating potential limitations in cell phone coverage.

ARDOT Transportation Management Plan

North Little Rock Eclipse Guide from North Little Rock

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