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We are proud to present Arkansas Transit Association’s Online Training Portal. Through this portal, your agency can conduct group or individual employee training in the following courses:

  • ADDT/EIDT (Both) Transportation Training Package (6 hours) ($45 Members/$105 Non-Members)
  • ADDT Transportation Training Package (4 hours) ($30 Members/$70 Non-Members)
  • Child Passenger Safety (2 hours) ($15.00 Members/$35.00 Non-Members)
  • Defensive Driving (2 hours) ($15.00 Members/$35.00 Non-Members)
  • Drug & Alcohol Awareness for Safety-Sensitive Employees (2 hours) ($15.00 Members/$35.00 Non-Members)
  • Drug & Alcohol Training for Supervisors (2.5 hours) ($15.00 Members/$35.00 Non-Members)
  • DTT/NET Contract Transportation Training Package (6 hours) ($45 Members/$105 Non-Members)
  • EIDT Transportation Training Package (6 hours) ($45 Members/$105 Non-Members)
  • Transit Driver Training Package (6 hours) ($45 Members/$105 Non-Members)
  • Transport of Older Passengers & Passengers with Disabilities (2 hours) ($15.00 Members/$35.00 Non-Members)
  • Wheelchair Securement & Lift Operation (2 hours) ($15.00 Members/$35.00 Non-Members)

How online group training works:

  • Your agency appoints an employee (the course proctor) who will manage the group training session at a time and location of your choosing.
  • ATA gives the course proctor access to the course online.
  • The course proctor manages the administrative aspects of the group training session (sign-in sheets, surveys, and handouts).
  • The course can be presented through any internet-connected device (computer, tablet, or smartphone).
  • The course must be presented on a TV or monitor large enough and loud enough for your employees to see and hear it.
  • After the training session, the course proctor scans the sign-in sheets and surveys, then emails them to ATA.
  • ATA mails a training invoice and course completion certificates to your agency within two weeks of ATA receiving the training session’s sign-in sheets and surveys.

Please note:

  • Billing for course proctor user account based on course registration, not course completion. Billing for all other online group course students based on course completion.
  • Course proctor will have access to the online course for two weeks after initial enrollment. Course access extended or renewed upon request.

The Online Training Portal gives you a way to provide group training for your employees with the following benefits:

  • Flexible: The group courses in the Online Training Portal are all on-demand; they are designed for maximum flexibility and convenience.
    • You can train your employees anytime (24/7/365) and anywhere (office, public library, etc.) you choose.
    • You won’t have to send your employees to North Little Rock for training or schedule us to travel to your location.
    • Your employees can get required training whenever they need it, not just when it’s available.
  • Familiar: The Online Training Portal offers group courses that mirror the instructor-led training experience.
    • Students are all in a room together, enabling group discussion.
    • Courses are a combination of narrated slideshows, videos, and quizzes.
    • You can download and print out handouts for each course.
    • We will mail a course completion certificate for each student to you.
    • Students can email or call ATA with any questions they have.
    • Students who complete DHS/DDS Transportation Training or START Defensive Driving are eligible for Defensive Driving Course designation from Office of Driver Services.
  • COVID-proof: Group training through the Online Training Portal enables you to organize training in small or large groups, and with any safety measures that you choose.