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Pine Bluff Transit

The city of Pine Bluff has had a transit system since 1870, when it was operated by the private sector. It is the oldest transit system in the state.  In 1974, Pine Bluff Transit became a city owned and operated transit system.  The system consists of eight fixed routes and an American with Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA) paratransit service.

The main short range and long range goals of the transit service is to provide services to those citizens dependent on the transit system for transportation. The objective is to provide transportation to places of employment, shopping, medical services, social services, educational services and recreation facilities.  The service area has been designed to provide service to all areas of the city.

Contact Information
Pine Bluff Transit
2300 E. Harding
Pine Bluff, AR  71601
(p) 870.543.5130
(f) 870.543.6975
Hours of Operation
Monday - Friday 6 AM - 6 PM 
Call 870.543.5130 for Scheduling
Base Fare
Full - $1.00
Elderly/ Disabled - $.50
Paratransit - $2.00
Transfers - $0.05 - $0.10